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2017/2018 Results


September 24, Round 1; The SlabtemberFEST

by the Plonkers Trials Club. A fanasmically sunny and high spirited, high desert trial. A wonderful beginning to the newest and best season of trial EVER.

October 28, Round 2; The Monster Mash,

by the San Diego Trials Riders. A spooky affair indeed! From the frighteningly decorated loop, to actual skeletal remains in the sections, it was a day to remember. And now you can remember it forever, as we have the Results here.

October 29, Round 3; The Skidplate Bash,

..Also by SDTR. Still spooky, and yet more awesome. How can this be?! Regardless, I'm sure you are anxious to know how you did. I am. Without further ado, we bring you the results, right here.

December 10, Round 4; the big Wood Trial,

by the Big Feets Trials Cub. It was big, woody, with a full body and crisp aroma, and a lively finish. Read the top-rated results, right here.

But wait, there is more: The 2017/2018 Season Standings

After each event, the brilliantly gifted mathemologist, Erik Mattson, compiles and tabulates all your championship points, waves his magic wand and PRESTO! we have our current season standings, thus far. Pretty amaze-o, I know. Dig the colors!

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