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The HAPPY Trial!


FIRST: Let me say, this is Round 6. A very real trial with season points to be earned. And why, yes, it is quite happy. I have personally made sure of that. You'll see when you get there. The sweetest loop (or is a luge??). the choicest sections, including section TEN, right next to the pits. Bring your cameras! And water, and friends, and all that.


Very few flat campsites are available, and I would NOT recommend a full-on class A motor home; the road in is rather steep in one short spot. But somehow, we all survive!
Also, NO open campfires, please use caution- it's dry, and certainly fire season.

     -Please visit the Jack Volder Trial link for latest information!


Course Marshal: Paul Oswald
Sign-up: Damon Barda and Gabriela Caperon
Scoring Table: Gabriela Caperon & Duke Caperon
Checkers (not in order of sections):
1. Quinn Lewis
2. Darrell Palmer
3. Carlos Johnston
4. Brad Allred
5. Cole Cullins + Frank Vasicek
6. Mike Jenkins
7. Reid Davis
8. Gary Stewart
9. Pete Croft
10. Randy Lewis


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