El Trial de España 2018: The Classic American trial.

2018 marks the 48th running of this perennial favorite, El Trial de España, at MotoVentures near Anza, California. Held April 14th and 15th, 2018, the 2 single-day events will feature America's best professional riders, negotiating mind-bending world caliber obstacles. For the spectator, there is no other sport where one can witness such extreme feats of skill at so close a range. Competing? Please sign up to ride for each day, (you too, pro riders!) or perhaps even check. More info for each event is below, and HERE.

Saturday is the pro shoot out. You got that?

Saturday is El Trial de España, with a 2 loop trial for everyone, starting at 10:00 am. And then at 1:00...
Saturday is also the Pro Shoot-Out! Expect very big things. With sections designed by Geoff Aaron and other world-class riders, you will not find more challenging and dramatic sections in all of American Trials. The Pro Shoot-out starts following the morning Trial, about 1:00 pm.

Sunday is Round 9, the SCTA Season Finale. 3 loops, and your season is a wrap!

The Pro sections are strewn near the pits/parking area, an easy walk along well-worn foot-trails. Reminder to you: bring your camera! Spectators are welcome, and the price is free. Please do follow the special spectator footpath to wind your way to all the action.

For nearly fifty years, El Trial de España has been the preeminent west coast trial, as can only be hosted by the clubs of the SCTA. We welcome you to join us for this epic spring classic, and be a part of American motorcycling history.

We're thrilled to showcase some of America's best riders, up close and oh so very personal.