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Wow. Now THAT was a few and a half days of rain. I cannot wait to see how Santa Rosa handled the deluge! I know that on the 26th, I will be there, hopefully with a few new christmas goodies, which I wil happily coat with mud. Mud always brings out the grin in me, and perhaps a roost in the mud is what we all could use, right about now.

See you there.


Pages to add..

Maps to each area

All the rules

information about pricing of events


For sale?

Pic of the week?


Winter hits Romoland

Well, finally some rain, and from what the forecast (and the iPhone) says, we should be getting five straight days of it. Look for all the sections out at the Romo-Dome to be in freaking great condition. Last year, as I recall, we had rain, and hail. Epic conditions. Nothing quite like the sound of hail bouncing of your helmet.

Hey rain: Bring it.


A new look, a new year.

Welcome to the SCTA Website, version 2011. We have totally re-worked the site to provide more information, more photos, and more opportunities for all our riders to interact with one another, and other riders, worldwide. Stay tuned for exciting (or mundane) info!


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