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MOTOMOTO Check-a-rama!

Mars needs women.
And Trials needs checkers. Some things never change.

To be honest, the good ol' San Diego boys have a pretty good list of checkers so far, but if you are interested, let us know and I'll put you in touch with Jared. He will set you up! (Jared, you are WAY on top of this!)

Our list so far:
Saturday 10/29:
1. Scott Clark
2. Bill Bliven
3. Ed Lowenburg
4. Matt and Cindy Parsons
5. Jared Malmquist
6. Gary Oborn
7. Rick Jenkins
8. Ken Melody
9. Jason Forrest
10. Jon Russo

Sunday 10/30:
1. Scott Clark
2. Bill Bliven
3. Ed Lowenburg
4. Matt and Cindy Parsons
5. Jared Malmquist
6. Jason Forrest
7. Rick Jenkins
8. Jon Russo
9. Ryan Miller



Yep, the TWO days of MOTOMOTO are fast approaching! MOTOMOTO represents rounds 2 and 3 of our illustrious and amaze-balls SoCal Trials Championship Series, and is hosted by the fine boys from the South, the San Diego Trials Riders. Awesome prizes, a full-on saturday night barbecue, camping, and more. Held at MotoVentures, the SDTR trials masters have lovingly concocted not 10, but TWENTY of the finest sections ever built, ever. Ever.

For the FIRST time ever, I get to be on a flier. How cool is that?

Much more info on the events page, and here's a flier to download for your fridge.



SlabtemberFest Results

Hey kids, the results are up! Big fat huge thanks to Mr Erik Mattson, our O-ficial SCTA Point Man!

Looks like we got ourselves a series. So practice up, keep your feet up, and we will see you right here, in October for Rounds 2 and 3..


Get on out here!

It might be hot where you're at, but it's all perfect in the Buttes! I


Slabtember, Tuesday Night Edition

Greetings Southern California, THIS weekend, we proudly kick off the...

2016/2017 Southern California Trials Association Moto-Trial Championship Series!

Yep, we are definitely fresh and ready for a new season. This first event has been deemed by many to be succulently slabberiffic, as we ascend apon glorious Cougar Buttes, in our very own Mojave Desert. The rocks have been fine tuned by the veteran and able Plonker Section Masters, the exquisite sections connected with a to-and-fro loop that will keep your inner Karsmakers smiling.*

Camping of course, with awesome rides on Saturday (National Loop, anyone?), a play-by-play ride to view the sections, all followed by moon-howling, stiffolina-inducted campfire frolicking! Oh yes- we also have a real-life professionaly crafted practice section. Just for you.
Sunday, BRING YOUR AMA CARD, and get ready to ride. We will have personal pre-event tech inspection by Todd Bennett, all new SCTA cards (!), and an early-ish riders meeting. THEN let's go get our trials on.

All this, under the beautiful autumn skies of the southern Mojave. Life is good.Yes. Sky brings her ever-beaming smile

I hope your Week is wonderful, and full of end-of-summer bliss. See you THIS weekend. More info here, all week long.

-Damon B

SCTA Presi.

*look it up if you need, kid.


It's Time to Remember,

The slabs of September...

My boy Charles getting all slabby-like, while rocking the scarf. That's a clean.


A Thankful Message..

Hi folks, wanted to pass along this message of thanks from the family of Dave Whittle. The SCTA, and Plonkers events in particular, will be missing his singular voice. Ride on, Dave.




Big Thanks, And,.. SLABTEMBERFEST!

Good day SoCal Trials riders! We here at are gearing up for another full-on, fun-filled and action-packed season of trials! We start in less than two weeks, with the opening round on Sunday September 25th: Slabtemberfest, by the world-famous Plonkers Trials Club. The usual greatness is planned- a Saturday adventure ride. A practice section, just for you, and right near camp. An inferno of a campfire on Saturday night, and then of course, the sections! Seriously, there is no place as naturally fun to ride a trials bike as Cougar Buttes. You WILL ride! I command you!

Next, as the SCTA President, I want to keep our riders informed of a couple of changes in our leadership. It goes without saying that everyone who helps out in this volunteer sport is a true champion in my book. All the board members would like to say a giant THANK YOU to Bill Hanson, and his lovely bride Donna, for handling all event sign-ups last season. Mr. Hanson amongst the Cougar Buttes rocks.Bill and Donna were there at each event, working with whichever club, to help speed sign-up right along. I cannot thank them enough for this job. As we roll into the new season, look for Gabby Caperon and myself at the scorer’s table, and be nice, that’s all I ask!

Next, Don Copeland was our official SCTA Board Treasurer last season, and he leaves the club this season in great financial standing, and ready for the years ahead. I thank Don for transitioning the books to quickbooks, and transitioning the clubs financing into the 21st century. Thanks, Don! Gabby too, will assume this role, so thank her when you see her next.

To be honest, please thank ALL these people: Bill and Donna Hanson, Don Copeland, and Gabby Caperon, for all the time and energy they give so that most of us can just focus on riding.
You rock, they rock. Thanks.

And, see YOU in the ‘Buttes!

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