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Rider Down. (Update)


Hi Folks,
Long time Plonkers member, and my good friend, Johnny Ringo suffered a nasty desert racing crash last Sunday. The last report I got is he's in the ICU with two broken vertebrae in his neck. He's currently at Arrowhead Regional hospital in Colton. His wife, Jennifer, has been posting updates on facebook. Heal quickly, Johnny!



Ringo Update - 
Johnny had surgery on Jan 27th and all went well. I visited him last Sunday and he was alert and in good spirits but still in a lot of pain. In the near future he'll be moved to Loma Linda hospital for extensive physical therapy and rehab.  
I have no doubts that Johnny will make a full comeback, but in the meantime keep him in your thoughts..
Go Johnny Go!

Charlie R.

We'll try and keep y'all updated here on the site. Meanwhile, throw your healing thoughts to Johnny.Johnny, as always, a bit bloody, and always defiant. Heal up, Ringo!


The Jack Volder Round Up.

It was awesome, the wet weather during the week made conditions freaking spectacular. Gabby and her gang of VOTE-ers put together one great trial. Just a day later, results are up! (Check 'em out here.)

We had a record SIXTY-ONE riders! and a full array of checkers, a course marshal, a fully-staffed scorer's table, and crowds of spectators lining up at Section 1. It seemed like a national it was so jam-packed! After the event, Gabby and company, rakes in hand, went out and essentially erased the trial, doing all that can be done to keep the BLM on our good side.

If you have any awesome pictures, send them my way.

-damon b, scta pres.
(Yes, the guy who fived Russ's section, only to have the video posted on Facebook. Oh the indignity!)


Ride on, people.



Ooh, so very pretty. Come to Romoland, and see this bad boy out of it's box. Want some more? Go drool here.

See YOU Sunday.


The Mid-week Romo Update!

Ok. Who's jacked up for the Jack Volder Classic?! Me, of course, and YOU (of course). Romoland has been enjoying the rains, and the dirt couldn't be better. If this is your first time, maps are here, and be SURE you bring your AMA card! If you are a member, we just need to see your lovely and laminated SCTA card.

My friend, and JVC Course Marshall, Chris Cullins has this to add:

This Sunday January 15th is the annual Jack Volder Classic out at Romoland. The weather is looking to be nice and sunny, and with all the rain we've had and will continue to have, the dirt and sections should be perfect! We've set up what I think are some really fun sections with many having options on how you want to ride them.

A couple things I wanted to bring up, (which I'll do again at the riders meeting): As a reminder on the rules, you can't ride through another classes split forward or backwards. Watch out for this as there are a couple of sections that are set up to keep classes out of certain areas this way. Also with all the rain we have taped or bagged the split cards to keep them in place. This has worked really well over the rainy weeks, but may make the cards a little hard to read. Be sure to look at them all closely for your class split.

I've also been asked about the road coming in, it's rough as usual, but no problem getting in. However don't bring your large trailer or motorhome.

Hope to see you all Sunday! If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them here.


Heed this man's words, all ye who ride the Volder!

Cheers and feet up,




SUNDAY 1/15: ROMO (We are good for checkers!)

This weekend is the the Jack Volder Classic at Romoland, CA. Hosted by VOTE, and full of LOVE! And boulders, sand, and little grapefruit sized rocks, and drop-offs, and, well you get the picture.
It will, in a word, be Amazeballs.

Look who is helping!
Volunteers so far:

Chris Cullins

SIGN UP: Gabby Caperon, Damon Barda

SCORING TABLE: Gabby Caperon

LUNCHES: Tori Norton-Carrillo

1. Team Carillo and Skylar
2. Brad Allred
3. Trevor Weiller
4. Mark Oldar
5. Mike Jenkins
6. Darrell Palmer
7. Reid Davis
8. Russ Victor and Cole Cullins
9. Ed Kochina
10. Brian Lee and Hugh Warren


January 15: ROMO.

So hey. I know you're all comfy and cozy with the new Christmas bunny slippers, but right around the corner: The Jack Volder Classic, at... ROMO! Be ready, be very ready.



And the results are UP.

Actually all up; Round four, and the standings as well. All thanks to Mr. Erik Mattson, our intrepid scorekeeper. Check 'em out, add 'em up, and deal with it.


Check, Mate.

OK, good karma seekers, here's a great opportunity for aquiring some really fine Karma (and right before the holidays, to boot)! First off, this weekend, this Sunday more specifically, come on out to Keyesville and pitch in with the Big Feets to help set the sections for the BIG WOOD. Good Karma; 1, bad Karma; zero.

Next, volunteer to check the BIG WOOD next Sunday the 11th, and win the good vibe, best friend award! You know how great that feels! So, if you check, did you realize you would be joining the ranks of THESE wonderful humans?

1.   Jim Pyeatt (awesome)
2.   Bill Mattson (nice job)
3.   Erik Mattson (What a swell guy)
4.   Scott Alten (altruistic)
5.   Rick Spruell (unbound benevolence)
6.   Gary Stewart! (Santa's favorite)
7.   Sir William Merritt (her majesty's agent sent to civilize Captain O)
8.   Teri Ritchieson (You rock it, girl!)
9.   YOUR NAME HERE (utopian)
10. Cole Cullins (truly the next big thing in Advanced class.)
11. Just one more Adult please! Please!                                                                                                                                                                                                     Those eyes! Cole is WAY focused!So come on, give us a message here at the good ol' socaltrials.com, and we will make sure that Santa treats you better than Rudolph.

Cheers, Damon B.