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Ride for Ringo, the (pre) Round-Up

Our biggest turnout in years and an immense outpouring of support for our fallen friend, Mr. Johnny Ringo. I'm blown away by everyone's support. I'll get photos and info up soon, but for now, let em just say on behalf of the Plonkers, THANK YOU.


Plonker Trial, this Weekend

Yep, this weekend, my friends!

Saturday Adventure Ride to the Plaques.
Friday (If you can swing it) Dual-Sport Ride to Joshua Tree for street-legal bikes
And Sunday:
Round 7 of the SoCal Trials Championship Series: The Ride for Ringo

Get your flier, and get your self out to the Buttes!



Oh heck yes. Only SIX days to go, to the Plonker's presented Ride for Ringo, (our seventh round of the mighty 2016/2017 SCTA Championship),and the sunny and warm climes of the high desert. The SCTA stopped by the 'Buttes this weekend, to check in our most passionate paternity of preposterously playful riders, the Plonkers! Of course the Hannons were there, with Brad banging out sections like no other. Clive, (shown somewhat horizontal, or perhaps characterized as diagonal) was representing, as was Tom Miller, and even my man, Tim Robel, riding big bikes, small bikes, and even Todd's bike! Oh and hey! proof of the power of healing, Todd Bennett was there, foot all be-healed, attitude back in alignment, and riding quite smoothly. Brad, Clive and Tom. Plonkers through and through.Advanced class, get ready for a comeback!

Me, I'll be posting all week, here and on Facebook. I want 60 riders! Please push the event along with me, on FB, online, Instagram, whatever. Heck, even on Tinder! Swipe right, my friends, swipe right.


Happy Results!

Oh My MY!
A wonderfully wet and wintery season, coupled with craft-built sections hewn and forged by america's finest builders. Ten challenges, all strewn along the 2-mile long, handle-bar width rollercoster of a loop. The twisty bit 'tween eight and nine? Best loop ever. Says me.

WHICH brings me to the reason for this post. You rode, right? Some sixty-one did, with sixty completing the day, triumphantly. We have results!
(Huge thank you as always to our man, Erik Mattson for banging them out!)
High scores, sure. What was evident in everyone's face, either on the loop or at the scorer's table, was perserverence. Such figurative and literal grit.



If you missed it, shame on you. Some Happy Shots from the Happy Trial

Hey Friends!

What an awesome weekend. Amazing weather. We had 61 riders compete. Perfect dirt. Perfect rocks. Thats not all. Everyone got three trips around the "Happy Loop". It was great to see all of you having such a great time. Damon and I spent the day running the scoring table. Our experience reinforced why we love this little sport so much. The joy, the respect, the effort and the emotion that goes into the stories of 61 riders pitched in the crucible of friendly competition is an amazing thing to observe. Thanks to all who came out and rode a great trial. Thanks to all who helped build and check an amazing event, Damon and I are SO thankful for your trust and friendship and hard work. We are in awe of our SCTA family. Thanks, peace, love, and Happiness!

Captain O.

Damon's post continues below.

Hi kids. I was able to snap just a few pictures, and I've posted them here:My man, Mr. Clyde Butler. Yoda to me.


Trials Weather!

Howdy folks, and welcome to Winter Trials, SoCal style.
Yes, we have had our very fair share of wet weather, and to be honest, Romoland is as green as the Scottish moorlands. We will be out today (Saturday), just tidying up the course, and making sure everything is safe and welcoming.

I've been following the weather, and Sunday is forecast to NOT be raining. Yes! The following is from the National Weather Service: Partly sunny, with a high near 56. South wind 5 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

Bring yourself a light jacket, and let's ride! I declare it shall be epic.Please follow along on our facebook page, as I'll be posting live updates from the site.



Check, Mate.

So easy, even THESE guys can do it! Great guys: SDTR's John Russo and Rick Jenkins.

Need I say more? The Happy Trial- Heck, ALL TRIALS, are built on volunteerism. This is your chance. Check why don't you? You receive the same championship points as if you won the event, so there is that, on top of the good Karma. We always need ten, or even more. So far, we have these fine ten. So, It looks like we are good to go. If anyone is interested in working the scorer's table with me, let me know.

1.  Gabby C
2.  Chris C
3.  The Delaney Clan
4.  Steve L/Ed Kocina
5.  Captain Paul
6.  Carlos J
7.  Darrell P./Jessica Hurt
8.  Kevin Barda! (Seldom Seen!)
9.  Lior!
10. Brad Hannon

The list above does not mean these are the ACTUAL sections these folks will be at, but I am starting to place people. Don't worry, I'll be working the scorer's table. I don't get off THAT easy.
Checkers do rule, by the way.





Oh the Happiest!

Oh the happiest indeed! Me, rolling up the dome this admittedly Super Sunday,to the spring wonderland that is Romoland. The place is sublime, with a few wintry surprises. The Valley boys of trials were out in full-on force. How many sections did we bang out? Oh that would be like eight. And sure, this trial has been built by nature's forces; crafted by winter rain and erosion, monzonite and moss. From there, it has been hand-crafted by some of trials' best. Chris Cullins and Russ, Yoda Clyde Butler. The masterful Captain Paul. The international contingent of Martin Belair, Miquel, Crofty and the Sweetens (here enjoying respite from Oregon's sideways, freezing, and apparently upside down, rain). The venerable Mikey Taters and Carlos. (Wenger, where WERE you?) Add this to the earlier work of Gabby, Erik Mattson and Darrell. These wonderful people got it DONE. Thank you, thank you all!

And now I can HAPPILY say, we got ourselves a trial. You know, on February 19th. I'll brag all about the loop and sections in a future post. Oh and PS: A few highlights from the archives, and a new one of Pete:

Russ Victor, circa 2015Chris back in the day2014 perhaps?

Crofty: Kiwi word for happy.