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El Trial News Flash!

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...Oh yes we are getting some serious work in on the big El Trial. Many sections have been built. More than ten already. SERIOUS love to the men of SDTR. Jared, Ed, Jon and Scott. Jake too, and Matt on the '56 Ariel. Bliven and Marcus. Even more helped in previous weeks. The wonderfully shiny Ariel.VOTE was out as well, Gabby, Russ, Chris and I. And we are still looking for even more love, my peeps! I know some of my Plonker pals who will be out plotting and marking two Plonkeriffic sections of their own, Thursday before El Trial. So...
This weekend, Sunday to be exact, we need one more push. Motoventures is incredibly fun, the weather has been perfect. There is water flowing in the cricks. Flowers everywhere. You of course want to come out and lend a friendly hand. New guys, let's get involved! Old guys too. This is how you help the sport, and learn, and have fun with some amazing cool people. Don't worry, you'll have fun, and learn tons. Bring your lunch.

Also also also! My Friend Mr. Bill Markham called: Bill reminds us...

Western Youth National and Women's Championship June 8, 9, 10, 2017. Located at Tucker Ranch, Cototaxi, Colorado. . North on hwy 12, for 4 1/2 miles, follow the signs and pink ribbon at hwy 12 to the trial.  All brand-new sections! Rocky terrain at 5,500 feet, in the pines. Sign up is Wednesday, June 8 at 9:00 to noon, event begins at 1:00. Friday and Saturday starts at 9:00 am. Finally, local event on Sunday, at 10:00. Everyone rides.




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